2008-2010 FIRM NOTES

November 2010

Partner Mark Sickles recently started a trial November 2010 involving an 83-year-old man who was hit by a bus. The bus driver admitted he didn't see the plaintiff. Plaintiff sustained a concussion, fractures of his right arm and left facial bones and left orbital bones. He also fractured his metacarpal bones in both hands. He also tore his rotator cuff. Plaintiff was hospitalized for eight weeks. Plaintiff's initial demand was $350,000. Plaintiff's medical bills exceeded $100,000. The case settled for $90,000 before closing argument.

October 2010

Mr. Shulruff recently tried an injury case in which he represented a defendant who was sued for negligence. Mr. Shulruff admitted negligence but contested the nature and extent of damages. The plaintiff was taken from the scene of the accident to the emergency room where he was x-rayed. He had follow-up care with his primary care physician six days later. He was diagnosed with a herniated disc and received lumbar and cervical steroid injections. The plaintiff introduced $42,000 in medical bills. The plaintiff's treater also indicated the plaintiff would need nearly $900,000 in future medical care. The plaintiff asked the jury to award $1,017,000. The jury awarded the plaintiff $5,000.

June 4, 2010

Mr. Sudekum was a guest speaker at the June training seminar for the Illinois Chapter of the National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators (NSPII). His presentation focused on Bankruptcy and the Investigation of Insurance Claims - Collateral Estoppels.

April 2010

Partner Richard Strawbridge obtained a $3.3 million subrogation verdict following a three-week trial. The case involved one of the biggest fires in recent Chicago history. The fire, which started at a warehouse with a defective sprinkler system, spread to an adjoining warehouse causing massive damage.

After the trial court granted defendants post-trial motion for a new trial, the appellate team, led by attorney Florence Shumacher, convinced the Appellate Court to grant a discretionary review. The Appellate Court reversed the trial court's ruling that the case be retried and reinstated the $3,307,083 verdict. The Illinois Supreme Court rejected the opponent's petition for writ of certiori.

April 2010

John Cassidy participated in a panel discussion at De Pauw University, Greencastle Indiana, on a day in the life of attorneys and the law profession. The program, Attorneys and Physicians day, was for undergraduates.

July 2008

The "Truth in Towing" legislation became law, protecting motorists from abusive tactics and excessive fees of unscrupulous towing companies. Partner Frederick J. Sudekum, II drafted the legislation.